STGuru User's Guide




System Requirements

Conversions Between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

     1. Intelligent High-Precision Code Conversions Between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
          1.1 The Leading Intelligent High-Precision Code Conversion Engine of STGuru
          1.2 Edit Area Conversions, Clipboard Conversions, File/Web Page/Directory/Site Conversions
              1.2.1 Edit Area Conversions
              1.2.2 Clipboard Conversions
              1.2.3 File/Web Page/Directory/Site Conversions
              1.2.4 File/Folder Batch Conversions
          1.3 How to Convert Files in Special Formats Such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Trados TM...?

          1.4 Real-Time/Dynamic Conversions, Command Line Conversion Interface, Batch Conversions

          1.5 Unicode-Related Conversions: Conversions Between Unicode/Unicode BE and GBK, Big5 and UTF-8

          1.6 Intelligent Word Adjustment
          1.7 How to Perform Perfect Conversions by STGuru?
          1.8 Background Knowledge: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, GBK, GB2312, Big5, UTF-8, Unicode and Unicode BE

     2. Built-in Code Recognition Mechanism

Auxiliary Features

     3. Switching Languages
          3.1 Switching User Interface (UI) Languages
          3.2 Switching Text Display Languages in STGuru

     4. Editing Text/Text Files
          4.1 Editing Text
          4.2 Editing Text Files
          4.3 Preview - Open the Current Document in Another Application
          4.4 Control-editing - Editing Two Blocks of Text One Against Another

     5. Find and Replace
          5.1 Find and Replace
          5.2 Using Special Characters
          5.3 Using Standard Regular Expressions
          5.4 Batch Replace

     6. Reading/Editing Text File(s) in Windows Explorer

     7. About Input Method

     8. Changing the Layout for STGuru with the Help of Profile Management
          8.1 Customizing Layout of STGuru
          8.2 Managing Layout by Profile Operations

          8.3 Adjusting Font Size and Text/Background Color in Upper or Lower Area

          8.4 Set Transparency and Draggability of the Main Window

          8.5 Using STGuru as a Desktop Sticky Note

          8.6 Layout Retaining
          8.7 More Examples


     9. Tools

          9.1 Character Count, Word Count, Paragraph Count and Line Count for Text, File and Folder

               1) Counting text in edit area

               2) File/Folder Character/Word Counts

               3) Comparison between STGuru and MS Word on characters/word counts

          9.2 Character Occurrences
          9.3 Text Difference Check
          9.4 Line Sorting

          9.5 Redundant Line Management

          9.6 Chinese-English Glossary Management - Merge, Split, Swap...

          9.7 Chinese Characters to Decimal/Hexadecimal Unicode Codes
          9.8 Page Cleaning

          9.9 Term Management System




     A.1 Accelerator Keys

     A.2 Word Adjustment Engine Customization Walkthroughs

          A2.1 Why We Need Custom Word Adjustment Packs?
          A2.2 How to Make a Custom Word Adjustment Pack / Custom Word Adjustment Library?
          A2.3 How to Merge Two or More Libraries?
          A2.4 How to Add, Delete, Modify, Import or Export Word Adjustment Pairs in Bulk?

          A2.5 The Capitalizations of Some English Words in the Library Are Not Correct. Is There Any Easy Way to Correct Them?

     A.3 Command Line Guide (Only for STGuru Standard Edition)

          A3.1 Introduction

               1) Prerequisites
               2) Types of Commands (Control Commands, Conversion Commands and Command Queue)

               3) Status Feedback

               4) Uppercase and Lowercase

               5) Command IDs and How to Cancel Commands

               6) Trial Version and Full Version

               7) Command Line Options

          A3.2 Command Details
               1) Control Commands That Run Instantly (Not Joining the Command Line Queue)
               2) Control Commands That Are Carried Out in the Command Line Queue

               3) File/Folder Conversion Commands

          A3.3 Sample Pack