STGuru User's Guide

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7. About Input Method

There is no input method attached with STGuru. If you hope to input characters of your local language on an operating system of another language, you can download and install input method by yourself. Usually the input method of your local language cannot be turned on an operating system of another language, but when you switch upper or lower edit area to show your local language, the input method for this language can be turned on for use. 


Some times you may still meet problem inputting Chinese if the language for you current OS is not same as the language you hope to input. Here are additional suggestions, sometimes one of them may be effective, sometimes you have to apply both suggestions:

1) In "Control Panel" -> "Regional Options", resetting the default "Language Setting" to the language you hope to input text.

2) Finding an input method that supports inputting Chinese under a non-Chinese environment. If other input methods cannot work, we suggest you try the non-embedded version of the following input method: