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STGuru Introduction (latest version 5.1)


Based on comprehensive analysis of user's requirements, STGuru provides full series of Simplified Chinese - Traditional Chinese conversion services at professional quality.

Professional-Quality Conversion Engine

1. Full series of professional code conversions between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Based on its leading intelligent code conversion engine, STGuru provides full series of code conversion services at professional quality - edit area conversions, clipboard conversions, file/web page/directory/site conversions and conversions for documents in special formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Trados TM, etc., all at consistent professional quality.
2. Conversion pack management: Based on different requirements, the program provides several standard professional conversion packs, such as Basic (Blank), General (Default), Science/Tech, IT, etc., so you can switch packs promptly for different purposes. Besides, language professionals can build custom libraries and packs for their important projects based on the standard packs. A conversion pack can be detached for the convenience of maintenance, sharing or storage. This mechanism provides all conditions that make a perfect quality conversion.

Desktop Conversions - Conversions for Edit Areas, Clipboard, Files, Folders, Web Pages, Sites and Documents in Special Formats
3. Edit area conversions: They convert text within the edit areas in any possible pairs between Simplified Chinese (GBK, UTF-8) and Traditional Chinese (GBK, Big5, UTF-8) - 5*4=20 pairs in total.
4. Clipboard conversions: They convert text within the clipboard in any possible pairs between Simplified Chinese (GBK, UTF-8, Unicode, Unicode BE) and Traditional Chinese (Big5, GBK, UTF-8, Unicode, Unicode BE) - 9*8=72 pairs in total.
5. File/web page/directory/site conversions: They convert files/web pages or convert directories/sites in a whole in any possible pairs between Simplified Chinese (GBK, UTF-8, Unicode, Unicode BE) and Traditional Chinese (Big5, GBK, UTF-8, Unicode, Unicode BE) - 9*8=72 pairs in total. If a file to be converted is a web page with an embedded language ID, the language ID will also be properly converted, so the converted page can show properly in the specified language.
6. File/Folder Batch Conversion: You can make a list of conversion instructions in the form of a batch conversion pack and run it sequentially. The instructions include Set Conversion Pack and Convert File/Folder. Many commands are available for you to conveniently edit and maintain the batch conversion pack.
7. It provides convenient procedures for you to convert text/files in special formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Trados a whole.

Real-Time Command Line Conversions

8. A command line conversion interface is provided with which you can convert files and folders and manage you conversions in real time. This feature is designed for developers, web site owners and computer geeks that need real-time, dynamic and command line conversions. Besides, normal users can also make fully customized batch conversion packs based on this feature. This feature is provided in STGuru Standard Edition.

A Great Series of Professional Language and Editing Tools

9. Completely supports high-precision GBK/Big5 recognition technique, so the procedures like opening GBK/Big5 files, batch conversion and other conversion-related jobs are more intelligent, smoother and more accurate.
10. STGuru is also a powerful dual-edit-area Chinese text editor with complete and independent file and edit functions for each area. The two edit areas can be placed up-down or left-right, very convenient for control editing.
11. Shell integration with Windows Explorer. You can accurately detect and open text files to edit or convert from a corresponding menu command in the context menu of Windows Explorer.
12. Strong Chinese word processing capabilities. STGuru is also a strong Chinese word, phrase and file processor. Many specialized tools are provided:

  • Professional character count, word count, paragraph count and line count for text, files and folders (the key statistics are the same as those by Microsoft Word). While most applications providing word count feature do not even know there are differences between word count results for text in English, Simplified Chinese in GBK and Traditional Chinese in Big5, STGuru has been specially optimized separately for text in these three languages or language variations, so its results are the same as those by respective versions of Microsoft Word.
  • Professional-level text find/replace and batch replace, supporting special characters and standard regular expressions
  • Three page cleaning macros are embedded in the Batch Replace module. They can quickly clean the layout of text in English, Simplified Chinese (GBK) and Traditional Chinese (Big5) based on respective language conventions with guidelines provided and carefully verified by linguists specialized in respective languages or language variations.
  • Character occurrence statistics
  • Text difference check
  • Line sorting
  • Redundant line analysis and cleaning
  • Mergence, split and swap of glossary entries
  • The word adjustment system itself is also an advanced term management system. It manages terms in project packs. In each pack, you can manage one or several libraries; you can conveniently add, modify, delete, find/search, cut, copy, paste entries. While adding/editing entries, STGuru can check for repetitive entries automatically, so you do not need to worry that you may add one term in a library twice. Terms are automatically sorted in the library (glossary) after they are added, so the source file for each library is a text file containing a sorted glossary. Each pack is self-contained and is comprised of a simple pack management text file and one or several plain-text library (glossary) files. Such a project is portable, and can be easily shared whenever necessary. Glossaries can be easily merged (simply append the text of one source file at the end of another!). When you open a merged library in STGuru, the program will reorganize its entries automatically. If there are repeating entries, you will see a wizard that guides you through merging repeating entries one by one.
13. Profile management makes it more than a simple code conversion tool. You can conveniently customize STGuru as a desktop sticky note, or a text/file verifier or an advanced text editor.
14. Support converting Chinese characters in GBK/Big5/Unicode to decimal/hexadecimal Unicode codes.